Sources and credits

Limitless web application kit includes 100+ different components, libraries, plugins and extensions. Major part of these components are released under MIT license and can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. All rights belong to and are the property of their respective owners. Below you'll find a list of components used in the template, with links to their websites.

Category Button id
Main libraries jQuery library Bootstrap library jQuery UI library Jasny Bootstrap library
Forms Textarea autosize Dual listbox plugin for multiple selects Form input formatter Bootstrap maxlength extension Passy password generator and checker Touchspin spinners library Twitter typeahead library Form inputs validation Bootstrap tagsinput Tokenfield for Bootstrap Steps wizard
Form styling Bootstrap switch Switchery toggles Uniform - form components styling library
Selects Select2 selects Bootstrap multiselect
Editors Ace code editor Summernote editor Trumbowyg editor CKEditor text editor
Uploaders Dropzone single and multiple file uploader Plupload multiple file uploader Bootstrap file upload
Extensions Velocity animations Prism syntax highlighter Moment.js library Touch punch extension for jQuery UI jQuery UI slider pips Pace - page loader BlockUI extension i18next - internationalization library Session and idle timeout jQuery Cookie Bootstrap context menu Bootstrap Hover dropdown Bootstrap dynamic pagination
Notifications Bootbox dialogs jGrowl notifications Noty notifications PNotify notifications SweetAlert 2
Pickers Spectrum - color picker Location picker Address picker Anytime picker Date range picker Pick-a-date pickers
Tables Data tables Footable library
UI Fancy tree Full calendar Headroom.js library Slinky.js multi level navigation for mega menu Perfect scrollbar - custom scrollbar NoUI slider library Image cropper Fancybox - image lightbox Bootstrap progress bar extension Ladda - buttons with loading indicators and progress bars
Visualization Vector maps D3.js library C3.js library Echarts library Google Charts library